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Tuesday, January 7, 2014
HAPPYYY NEW YEAR GUYS ! Have a very blessed new year okay !
Basically in this post I will show you guys my 1st roll of film from my diana mini !
Okay I think I have yet to show you my diana mini lol HAAHHA ok wait so ..
I bought her finally one fine day after school ! :)

I'm so in love with her¿!

Mine is the Double Rainbow edition, and Tara McPherson designed it ! I love the postcards that came along with my diana too ! So gorgeous . <3

Kay so here is my first roll of film ! I won't be posting all of my photos cause of privacy issues and stuff HAHAHAHA but you can still see it all from this one : 
( I used a standard Fuji superia 200 )

And here are the photos ! *drumrolls*

I like the effect here from the Christmas tree, it makes my face sparkle sort of hahaha ! Which is quite cool I think I like the feel it gives off; so cool and pretty!!

The half frames were quite terrible though( not like how I wanted them to come out), I guess I just need more practice :) but still the effect was still pretty cool and the photos still look so gorgeous :)) and instead it came out looking like a paranomic photograph, which was still pretty cool :))

I actually really like this one, it somehow gives off a very " phantom of the opera" feel to it. Actually, the first shot was an accidental one; my dad clicked on the shutter button without realising it. But I still quite like it ! 

We don't look that white in the photograph lol

This was a selfie with my cousin and it's so funny how it turned out cause we took double exposures ahahahah can't see her face which is sad :(

This is one of my favorites; I love the effect of the cars' headlights, and yeah just the whole effect of the photograph, it is so lovely.

This was a 2 second bulb exposure taken from the car.

This is also one if my favorites, I love the  silhouette of MBS in the background.., <3

Another double exposure.

Overall I'm very very very happy with the results of my photos, can't wait to develop my next roll !! ( I'm already halfway through)
I think the Diana Mini is really a very fun camera that takes really good impulsive photos ! Just have fun with her and let her do the rest! BRING HER EVERYWHERE.
A tip for double exposures : take a proper photo and take another one from a different angle/ turn the camera 90 degrees or upside down before advancing the film ! 

I developed my photos at:

Standard Photo

1 Woodlands Square
#B1-07 Causeway Point S738099

Tel: 68832267

Bye guise ! Much love and be blessed !

Nasya Tatiana

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