Thursday, March 20, 2014

They have 2 outlets, I went to the one at Takashimaya :)

Meow thank you so much Jeanette!! 

NamNam date - Love this place so much.
                 Food is so gooood! 

 lurb u guise

Had a little alone time last Thursday and I walked 
from Raffles City to MBS and came across Llao Llao ,
Really love how they have "Sanum" that comes with a bunch of fruits and nuts and tons of Fro-yo
and a choice of sauce and it's only $5.90 omg??
It is one of the best Fro-yo I have had in Singapore - overall;
it is priced so reasonably and I love how caramel tastes with Fro-yo! ♥
 Marina Link # B1-04 
(Marina Square Basement link to Esplanade MRT, access from Level 2 passing through the link way between Charles & Keith and St Marc Café. Get to B1 via escalator or lift )


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