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Saturday, June 14, 2014

I know I was gone for about 2 months and I have lots of stuff to update, but before that I think I should start by writing about my birthday! I'm just so so sooooo blessed; the friends I have are just the sweetest people ever, forever making me feel loved.

This year, my birthday fell on a Saturday, and my class friends ( Whom I've just known for about a month) celebrated Syah's (B'day : 23rd) and my  birthday on Thursday ( Cuz one of them was going to Malaysia for a holiday on Friday ); super sweet !!

My birthday nailssssssss :)


Since my birthday was an Arrow saturday so I had to have my birthday dinner on Friday!
This year I only invited 5 friends; these super special friends who mean so much to me. The guys were so sweet???? They tried to surprise me and they got me a red rose HAHAH.

I had my birthday dinner at Bar and Billiard Room ! I've been here several times because well the food is just so good and the staff are really nice !! <3

Come on guys can we just take a moment to look at the place and food. 

Jon came in and there was a awkward bridge between Nasya and Brian HAHAHAHHAHAHA.

Love you girlssssssssssssss!!

How sweet can my friends get excuse me they secretly got a cake ??!! ( Even though I saw them ordering :P ) 

Look at dem hot boys y'all


Thank you for everything la guys you do know you all mean so much to meeeee :D

Raffles Hotel
1 Beach Rd, 189673
   +65 6331 1746

And nope my birthday wasn't done. Jia Qi gave me a pretty pink daisy during Arrow :( <3.

 Cosmic love babeh

They surprised me with a cake! :')
Super sweet lor I just felt so loved that week of my birthday.
Then I had this friend who would wish me every day of the week with such sweet words oh my gosh.

 What better day to spend my birthday at my Father's House though. Most importantly even though everyone was so super sweet I'm just so glad I feel loved everyday, not just on my birthday/birthweek/birthmonth ! ( you , my dear reader, are loved too! (;  )
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