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Tuesday, September 9, 2014
As most of you have realised from my Instagram posts/ Twitter updates, I am overseas and would be away for some time. I have begun to settle down and adapt to this whole new environment around me, though I would think it was a little too rushed because I left 2 days after my last exam!!

Thus I did not have enough time to spend with all my friends/family, and I COULD NOT GO SHOPPING !! Usually on weekends, I would head to town to do some shopping, or even just window shopping, but now that I’m out of Singapore, I miss my Orchard Road and shopping malls so much! Shopping in France (yes I’m in France) is much different as compared to in Singapore, where you have most shops in one building (or rather on one whole street from Orchard all the way to Marina Bay).

And so.., I have finally appreciated online shopping so much more. Thanks to iPrice Shop, I can now do some shopping/window shopping from the comfort of my room, and I do not have to travel all over the place just to check out the store’s new collection! iPrice Shop is a one stop shopping website based in Singapore; I would like to think of it as Orchard Road with a wonderful magic door that would direct you to all the sales and discounts as well!! SO WONDERFUL!
This is what the website looks like..

They have Sephora products, isn’t that amazing?! Not only do they have fashion and accessories, they even have cosmetics. This is because iPrice links together different websites to create one website, just for people like you and me! Gone are the days when we had to open numerous tabs (read: slower internet connection!!!), and also gone are the days when we had to memorise and know which websites carry which brand, because now, everything is under iPrice! Look they even carry Balenciaga! I love how they specify which website the product is from, so you do not get confused. Also, the website even gives a short introduction about the brand; where are the physical stores and even tells you which websites you can go to for the best deals!!

Super love !! They even carry Betsey Johnson.

If you thin that’s all what iPrice has to offer you, you’re wrong. iPrice has also a coupons page which provides you with FREE DISCOUNT COUPONS!!! – To websites such as Hotels.com, Zalora, StreetDeal, Valuebasket, Qoo10 and Expedia… the list goes on.

I am so glad to be able to know about this website, and it’s a little ‘ home away from home ‘ for me, as I find comfort in doing online shopping.., and doing so without having to open so many tabs and also getting wonderful discount codes! ;) I guess.. I truly am a Singaporean.

    GO NOW -> http://iprice.sg/shop/
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