Friday, December 5, 2014

There's no better way to start December than with a super magical post from my Disneyland Paris trip!

I went to Paris with 2 of my friends who are currently on exchange program as well! I'll have another post for the whole Paris trip but I'll just have one for the Disneyland one because ... Disneyyyyyyyyyyy!!! ♥ 
We visited Disneyland on Sunday, 26th October!
This is my second time going to Disneyland, the first being in Hong Kong when I was 10 haha.

The bag check thingy that we pass through right after we come out of the train station!
(So good we could bring all the food and drinks in the world ahahha we even had a paper bag filled with snacks!)

Halloween decorations!  

Some parade shizz

Disneyland opens at 10am (for Disney hotel guests you can start exploring at 8!)
Our first ride was Space Mountain.. and I did not enjoy it as much as I thought I would!!
The turns were damn sharp and you get twisted in every way possible and I felt like I was getting thrown all over the place, and the whole ride was so quick! :( 

 Mickey's harvest paradeeeee :) 


Attempting to have a selfie with Mickey lolllLLLl


Little bits and pieces from the main parade!! IT WAS SO PRETTY AND MAGICALLLLL (My phone died)

 HAHA He came so close to the camera I could feel his breath on my fingers 

After dinner we waited for the fireworks which was shown everyday at closing time (i.e 10pm)
LoLlLLl It was cold and we had nothing to do, so we rode all the kiddy rides that we have yet to go on.

I'm so glad that the long, cold wait was so worth it!
Disney Dreams was sooooo amazing!! There was some water show thingy( similar to Sentosa's Songs of the Sea),
after which.., the fireworks!!!


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