Thursday, March 5, 2015
It was bittersweet to visit Paris again at the end of my 5 month journey.., after all,  I had spent my first few days in Paris as well! I couldn't wait to come back to meet my friends (!!!!) but I kinda sorta didn't want to leave Europe as well ( but oh well after 5 months hello!) 

I remembered being in this lovely city 5 months before, excited yet really upset cuz I was going to be away for a loooooong time!! 
Then when it was finally over, I should say I did enjoy this season in my life, I really liked France. 

And.... , I kinda didn't want to go back. (just a bit) 

View from Sacré-Cœur

There was a lovely lady playing this ancient musical box thingy. :)

 The last time I was at Galleries Lafayette there was a Christmas Tree hanging from the ceiling!! 

 The next time I'm in Paris I want to explore this place omg

Palais Garnier! So absolutely lovely.

I went to the gift shop and it was full of ballet and musical merchandise.. and of course!

Phantom of The Opera stuffs.

I spent nearly an hour browsing through the books, DVDs hahaha

LoLLllLL HahahahHAHA

à bientôt, Paris.
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