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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Last week, I had a conversation with a rather well know person. We know each other, but I've never spoken to him. He approached me and started asking me about my life. 

He was nice, friendly and was making an effort to know me better. I appreciate that. 


He started to ask stuff like "Hey, I've seen you around, and you are always alone and so quiet. Are you okay? Or are you like that?"
I just replied with a simple "Yeah, I like being alone."
"Why? Did something happen to you?"

Now.. Ok I know he's just being his very friendly and extroverted self, but at that time I was feeling so drained from a whole day of interacting with people and I truly have had enough! And yet this random person comes up to me and wants to hear my life story? Dude no. 

"No, I'm just an introvert."

Then he was telling me stuff about himself and honestly I was tired and I wanted him to go away.
After he was done, he mentioned "Hey, I don't think you're an introvert. You're friendly. "


After some time as I was pondering on our conversation, I felt that so many people get the misconception that introverts are shy! There are shy introverts, and shy extroverts! No all introverts are shy. :)
I used to be shy and I'm working on it. I felt that over the years I've grown to not be as shy, and I would say that now I'm probably just a little shy. 
But I am an introvert. 
In fact, I'm an INFJ (MBTI personality type) [Take free test here!]

"While an introvert more likely chooses to stay home on a Friday night, someone suffering from severe shyness may not think they have any choice but to stay home—and wish they were out."

I do love people, I love listening to people's stories. During conversations, I'm usually the one listening and thinking quite deeply about what the other person is saying; understanding the person as a whole. These experiences allow me to learn more about a particular person, allowing me to connect with him/her on a much deeper level. It is true that at times, I feel like this: 
In fact, it has has happened quite a number of times during this semester. All I want to do is be alone, get home as quickly as possible and get spend some time alone. I've been guilty of baking or masking and watching YouTube videos and just chilling once I reach home. One of my favorite past times would be going to the library and reading, or just doing some window shopping alone. It makes me feel so refreshed and happy.

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