Thankful Thursday- A Gift

Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Gift

Who is that creature   
and who does he want?
Me, I trust. I do not   
attempt to call out his   
name for fear he will   
tread on me. What do   
you believe, he asks.   

That we all want to be   
alone, I reply, except when   
we do not; that the world   
was open to my sorrow   
and ate most of it; that   
today is a gift and I am   
ready to receive you.

-Kathryn Starbuck  

Today is a gift, regardless of whether something good or bad is happening today; hey, it's a gift. 
You can still rejoice in it. Of course, you shouldn't be thankful for something bad that has happened. What I'm saying is this - you can be thankful in that bad situation. In the midst of the drama, the piercing pain, you can choose to be grateful. 

And if all is well with you, that's great. Remember to be grateful, tell a friend, tell your dog, write it in your journal and you will remember those days in time to come. 

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