July's Food

Friday, August 5, 2016
Hi Everyone!

Today I'd like to share some photographs of the food which I've made in the month of July till yesterday. Do tell me if you'd like any of the recipes! :)

This first one is a Strawberry-Yogurt cake, it's a snack cake, so you could have it for breakfast, or a little snack here and there or as a dessert after dinner. Isn't it quite pretty when the strawberries are arranged in order?

These are oven baked chicken nuggets! Coated in panko, it made the nuggets super crispy, and it was so easy to make.

Ah, I've always loved Brussels sprouts ♡ .. It's a staple at my place. Super easy with delicious flavors. 

I would have to admit, chocolate is not my favorite flavor. Every time I would order a cake or ice cream, it never/ very very very rarely has ever been a chocolate flavor. Usually I'd go for vanilla, or something tea infused. However, sometimes I do crave for a chocolate brownie, and this chocolate fudge brownie definitely did not disappoint.
My best friend shared with me this recipe and I really love it!  

 On a lazy day when my dad was on a business trip, I was looking through my fridge and pantry and realized I had the ingredients for the ultimate comfort food- Macaroni and cheese! Here I used farfalle though, as I did not have any macaroni pasta on hand. But it was good, nice and creamy..  and warm.

Pan seared Sea Bass! I love pan searing fishes, it's really easy and it makes the skin really crispy. Usually I'd pan sear salmon fillets but my mom had these on hand. 

While working out, I love watching cooking videos on YouTube! So this particular day I watched Ingrid Nilsen on Popsugar food and she was making Salmon burgers. Omg, at that instant I had a craving for salmon burgers. So the following day while aching from the previous day's workout I went to the supermarket early in the morning to get my salmon and other ingredients for the salmon burger. I didn't use her recipe though, as she used canned salmon, and I had wanted the really fresh salmon taste. And here it is, a beautiful and delicious salmon burger with a side of homemade fries.

I really love food and I enjoy the process of cooking the food! Do you like cooking too? and what is your favorite food? Mine is sushi! It's light and super fresh.. and absolutely delicious. 

Hope you all are having a great day! And ooh it's Friday.. Enjoy your weekend ;)
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